Screenshots have been manual for 40 years.

Anyone can automatically create and collect screenshots with UserDocs.
Screenshots can be recollected at any time, and update as your application changes.
Get Automatically Perfect Screenshots with UserDocs

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Automatically Perfect Screenshots

The UserDocs application suite automatically captures perfect screenshots that change as your product does.‚Äč

UserDocs Document Factory

Create Screenshots

It's simple and fast to create automated screenshots using UserDoc's Automation Manager and Authoring Assistant.



Annotate screenshots automatically, eliminating the need for time-consuming, error prone, and inconsistent manual annotations.


CI/CD Integration

Run your processes on your local machine or headless inside a container. Upload results back to your AWS bucket.


Screenshot Diffs

UserDocs compares each screenshot it collects to the production version, providing an opportunity to identify and document UI changes before anyone notices.

Why Screenshots Should be Automated

In 1983, Apple revolutionized the computing industry with the release of the Macintosh. With it, they released the first user manual we could find that included screenshots of their GUI. This manual included gems such as:
Almost 40 years later, most technical writers are still manually collecting and annotating screenshots. The process of manual screenshot collection and annotation is incredibly monotonous and time-consuming. Every time the software changes, the screenshots are out of date, and must be updated. For companies that ship code rapidly, technical writers can feel like they are always behind as they update their documentation.

Benefits of Screenshot Automation


Manual screenshot production is time-consuming and boring. Automating the process improves writer productivity and morale.

Change Management

It's difficult to track down UI changes. UserDocs reporting highlights both visual and structural changes in the UI.


Manual screenshots are error-prone, and commonly lag behind UI updates. Automating updates improves documentation quality.

Tool Chain

Manual screenshot annotation requires an image editor to process files. Automated Annotation removes the need for additional editing.

Process Integration

Integrating screenshot collection into the QA and CI/CD process improves collaboration, cross-training, and effectiveness of QA techs and Writers.


With open source automation clients, your team can fork our repo and modify the tool to meet your exact needs.

More Time for What Matters

Better screenshots means better documentation. Automatic screenshots means more time writing. Register for an account and try UserDocs.