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Elements are the data object in UserDocs that represent a single HTML element on a page. Elements belong to pages, so that you can manage all the elements that participate in your automation together.

UserDocs identifies elements with a strategy and a selector. UserDocs supports CSS and XPATH strategies. The UserDocs Extension will automatically calculate CSS selectors for elements you click on, or select in the devtools elements panel.

It is recommended that you learn about writing good css and xpath selectors, preferrably using unique identifiers like names and id’s. Writing durable selectors will improve the reliability of your automation, and the quality of your annotations.

It is recommended in the long term, that this automation be applied in conjunction with Engineering support. Having a front end engineer who is willing and resourced to augment the DOM will improve the testeability, and automateability of the page. The job of automating this function will be easier, and the quality of it will be better.

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