UserDocs Extension

Records Actions

Automated authoring captures user activity inside the automated browser. Certain actions, such as clicking, and navigating to other pages will automatically open the step form in UserDocs Web, and populate the appropriate fields according to the action taken in the browser. This speeds up the process of authoring and testing screenshot collection processes in the browser.

DevTools Integration

Authoring Assistant integrates with Chrome DevTools to provide an advanced UI for creating screenshot collection processes. The Authoring Assistant will snap the selected element to the one you're interacting with in the browser. It will also recalculate the automatically generated selector for that element, and transfer it to the form in UserDocs Web. Authoring Assistant offers a DevTools panel that displays the currently selected element and exposes controls for applying annotations and taking element screenshots.

Generates Selectors

Because UserDocs leverages browser automation to automatically collect screenshots, it relies heavily on CSS and XPATH selectors to identify elements on the document. The UserDocs Authoring Assistant will automatically generate CSS selectors based on your interactions with on-page elements, and populate the selector on the appropriate form. Automated selector generation reduces the technical expertise required of an implementer, and eases them in to learning more about selectors.